Sleigh Bells

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Sleigh Bells, or jingles, are rallies consisting of a cluster of small bells. Shaking the cluster produces an attractive, high-pitched tinkling or jingling which is quite easy to hear even over other, louder instruments playing at the same time. Composers sometimes use the bells to create an image of winter or Christmas in the listener's mind. However, in most cultures the bells simply add color and to the music.

Pitch range
Metal bells on a wire or leather strap, with a wooden handle.
Variable : this example is 12 in (30 cm) long.
Sleigh bells evolved from the clusters of bells fixed to animals' harnesses or vehicles. Similar small bells were used in ancient times in the Middle East.
Idiophone: an instrument that produces its sound through the use of the material from which it is made, without needing strings or a stretched skin.
And also...
Mozart sometimes wrote for tuned sets of sleigh bells. They are still sometimes used in tuned sets of one octave.

picture of Sleigh Bells