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The Electric Archtop Guitar is a modification of the traditional acoustic archtop of the late 1930s. It was in the late 1940s that the archtops went electric. The electric archtop produces a warm, mellow sound blended with an electronic "edge." This guitar is popular with jazz musicians who have played it since it first appeared.

Pitch range
Over three octaves.
Wood, with Steel Strings.
About 3 ft 4 in-3 ft 6 in (1.02-1.07 m) long.
The electric archtop guitar was developed in the late 1930s. In the 1940s, it was further developed with the addition of a cutaway, pick-ups, and a selector switch.
Chordophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of strings.
And also...
The electric archlop guitar allows you to play single notes, solos, and melodies. This guitar paved the way for the development of the solid-body electric guitar.

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