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Congas feature in all types of Latin American music, though they probably originated in Africa. The congas are barrelshaped and open at the bottom. The rim that holds the skin in place is lower than the drum head to keep out of the way of the drummer's fingers. Congas are usually played in groups of two or three drums. Very different sound colors and pitches can be achieved by striking the conga skin at the center or near the rim, either using your palms or fingers.

Pitch range
Varies with hand pressure ; drums are usually 4 or 5 notes apart.
Wooden bodies, open at the bottom, with thick calfskin heads.
Heads are 9-12 in (23-30 cm) in diameter ; body is about 36 in (90 cm) tall.
The congas developed in Latin America but are based on prototypes that originated in Africa.
Membranophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of a stretched skin.
And also...
To inject extra rhythmic vitality to the ensemble, congas are often played in the steel bands of Trinidad and Tobago.

picture of Congas