Piano, Electronic

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The Electronic Piano produces its sound entirely using electronic components. Complex circuits not only produce the sound, but change volume and timbre according to the speed at which the keys are struck. The electronic piano requires no internal tuning ; it doesn't go out of tune with itself. It is also very portable, and can be used with headphones making it an ideal home instrument.

Pitch range
About seven octaves.
A variety of materials, such as wood, metals, and plastics.
About 4 ft (1.20 m) high ; 18 in (45 cm) long.
The electronic piano first appeared towards the late 1950s. Its development was made possible by the invention of the transistor.
Electrophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the oscillation of an electric current, and can only be heard through a loudspeaker.
And also...
To simulate the feel of an acoustic piano, weights are inserted in the keys.

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